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OS+ Hardware


خلاصه A+ Essentials :

CompTIA A+ certification validates the latest skills needed by computer support professionals, and confirms a technician's ability to perform tasks such as installation, configuration, diagnosing, preventive maintenance and basic networking.

خلاصه IT Technician :

In this course, students will learn how to support PC hardware in a business setting, including installation, troubleshooting, and component replacement. The target student for this course is responsible for maintaining PCs in their workplace.




The target student is anyone with basic computer user skills who is interested in obtaining a job as an IT professional or PC technician. Possible job environments include mobile or corporate settings with a high level of face-to face client interaction, work environments where client interaction, client training, operating systems, remote-based and connectivity issues are emphasized, or settings with limited customer interaction where hardware activities are emphasized. In addition, this course will help prepare students to achieve a CompTIA A+ Certification.


اهداف دوره :

1- معرفي نقش قطعات سخت افزاري مختلف در يك كامپيوتر و نصب و تنظيمات آنها

2- عيب يابي مشكلات سخت افزاري كامپيوتر و طريقه برطرف كردن آنها

3- معرفي تكنولوژي سيستم عامل و تنظيم سيستم عاملWindows XP Professional و عيب يابي آن

4- آشنايي با مفاهيم، اجزا و توپولوژي شبكه در حد نياز براي يك تكنسين سخت افزار


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